OPEN CALL: Urban Advisors for Spatial Justice (International Training for Urban Advisors in Vienna September 7-9th 2022)

21st July 2022
Arijana Šuvak

About the Project:

The overall goal of the ‘Spatial Justice’ is to engage, empower and enable youth, to lead sustainable actions in the process of transformation of peripheral areas into liveable areas through sharing good practices, innovative tools, and methods. Through the consortium of 6 partners from 5 countries in Western Balkans and EU, there will be mediums and opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge, and on a longer term, create grounds for future initiatives and collaborations. The indicated set of activities are tailored to deliver a concrete impact from the perspective of youth workers, urban advisors as well as youths from peripheral areas for the purposes of ensuring them a greater inclusion in the informal settlement upgrading process through the development of new innovative urban games.

The project aims to identify young professionals in each country that through a consistent engagement, will become key actors in their local environments, become URBAN ADVISORS. Each organization of the consortium will select 4 urban advisors, who will be part of the entire process. Urban Advisors from each country will be engaged in exchanging good practices from program countries in the urban design, revitalization of peripheral areas, advocacy, and participation for peripheral revitalization. The methodology used during the training events will be non-formal training method, study visit, exchange of best practices.

The main objectives are:

  • Development of high-quality profiles of urban advisors with the acquisition of capacities to engage a transversal audience of targets (young people living in peripheral areas) in a differentiated programme practice providing urban enhancement methods and the development of skills with a transversal relevance in all dimensions of life.
  • Acquisition of practical experience and measurable results in the use of urban gamification as a tool of work with young people.
  • Motivation to cooperate with the consortium in further follow-up of the project at the local or European levels.

More on International Training Course

The journey of these Urban Advisors will start by an international training taking place in Vienna, aiming at empowering youth workers, potential urban advisors with competencies related to empowering and engaging rural youth in scaling up upgrading of peripheral areas through bottom-up process.

During the international event, the young urban advisors will provide additional inputs on the design of the gamification tool. They will be the coaches that will lead the activities involving youth in suburban and peripheral areas. The international training will be a 3 full day program, taking place on September 6-10th, 2022 (including travelling days), which will be organized by Wonderland – Platform for European Architecture.

Costs of travel and full board for 4 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be covered by REIC, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participants are responsible for covering the costs of necessary documents following the Covid-19 restrictions.

More detailed information on the activities and training format, you may find in the document attached:


Urban Advisors must be between 18 and 30 years old, interested in urban design and revitalization for peripheral areas and possibly with previous experience in the world of urban. Youth workers/urban advisors will be empowered with competencies related to empowering and engaging rural youth in scaling up upgrading of peripheral areas through bottom-up process. The training is building on Europe’s core values of equality, sustainability and inclusivity.

  1. A motivation letter, not exceeding 500 words. This must include a clear indication of experience relevant to the topic of the training school; provide a rationale of why you are interested in the training school and how you envisage the training school contributing to your learning and research objectives.
  2.  A short CV (2 pages max).

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