Open call for companies to apply for CIRCULAR TRANSITION SUPPORT

23rd August 2022

CIRCULAR ECONOMY Beacons represent a circular innovation in the Balkan eco-system built around expertise and high-quality implementation. CE BEACONS’ main orientation for the coming years is – systemic business support.

What do we search for?

We search for companies that have recognized mainly (excess) material or energy-related challenges in their processes, business systems, and/or supply chains. We search for companies that do not know how their products end up after being disposed of and assess if they could still re-use the products, components, or materials for the same or other purposes. We also search for companies that are willing to innovate and differentiate in the market, conducting business responsibly following the principles of a carbon-neutral circular economy. Furthermore, we see that we can help innovative companies or organizations that have been recognized as a waste/material-related gap in the market and have an almost go-to-market solution. Finally, we would like to meet companies that are ready to co-invest in the process with 25% of the total cost of the process (approximated 2,000-5,000 €, depending on the complexity of the challenge). This process should be finalized by the end of 2022.

What do we offer?

We offer answers to the following questions:

• Where to start in CE transition?

• What do you need to know about your value chain to benchmark your CE position?

• What and how should you use the tools to navigate through the CE transition/transformation?

• What do you need to change in the business (from the lifecycle perspective) to achieve a future-fit business?

• What capacities should you build to sustain changes?

• What do I have to take care of from the external environment to successfully market new products or services?

• What would be the first pilot initiative I could do to become more circular in a systemic way?

• What is my 5-10 year prospect in circular development?

We finally offer you a place in our network where cutting-edge technologies, novel solutions, and the latest insights related to circular economy innovation will pass through.

All this is designed to systemically help you in the transition towards a carbon-neutral circular business.

Find more information and a link to apply in the PDF file below by 02.09.2022, 17:00 CEST.

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