Online Conference: Energy Transition Advocacy Programme in Albania

20th November 2020
Arijana Šuvak

The Online Conference “Energy transition advocacy programme in Albania” was held in the online environment on November 13, 2020. The event was organised within the framework of the same name project which aims to facilitate the dialogue among stakeholders on the energy transition in Albania. It was conducted in two sessions:

  1. Presentation of the Position Paper “Energy and Climate Planning Albania 2030”

Some parts of the Position Paper were presented by Besim Islami, Bledar Aliaj and Sonja Risteska at the very beginning of the Online Conference. The first panel started after this presentation. Panelists were Sonja Risteska (AGORA), Bledar Aliaj (AEE) and Azrudin Husika (REIC). Sonja Risteska explained the unpredictable difficulties in the energy transition in Germany and how Germans have overcome them. She also explained that the regional cooperation is very important for the energy transition. Bledar Aliaj explained difficulties in implementation of energy transition of Albania that are not addressed in the strategic documents of Albania. Azrudin Husika deeply explained similarities and diversity between of energy transition in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since REIC has done some surveys on stakeholders in energy transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husika commented situation in Albania.

  1. Forum with experts on energy transition topics

Panelists in the second part of the Conference were:

Rodion Gjoka – The main issued discussed was the current challenges and opportunities on transport sector in Albania. The transport sector accounts the highest final energy consumption in Albania around 40% of the total whereas it is referred as one of the sectors with emits more in comparison with other sectors. The panelist, shared with the participants, the stat of art in transport sector as electrical cars or other green technologies already imported in Albania and challenges towards EU directives requirements. In addition, during the meeting was discussed on the level of pollution is several cities in Albania because of public transport.

Lira Hakani – presented a interested case study on energy poverty developed by her organization. She shared the current condition some houses in Albania by identifying the energy gap and their level of incomes. According the findings there is not a balance on energy consumption and incomes of the households. The energy price associated with lack of thermal insulation and inefficient makes non affordable the energy for the people.

Lorenc Gordani – presented the liberalization market, how the energy prices will be influenced by liberation market and what the barriers and challenges on the regional energy market. Many questions from the audience were address to Mr. Gordani, on the Feed in tariffs and renewable energy incentives that might boost the renewable energy potentials in Albania.

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