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URBAN EMPATHY aims at building a “Network of Networks” as an open multilevel capitalization space, to create synergies amongst networks & projects to disseminate & transfer their results towards the development of sustainable urban models.

Urban Territorial Cooperation projects demonstrate that there are still a lot of disparities in the application of European directives in the Mediterranean space, in the articulation of different EU funds & in the implementation of successful results,especially in the field of urban sustainability. URBAN EMPATHY directly addresses the need to guarantee the long term impact of results by consolidating a permanent structure, bringing together projects, EU initiatives, policy makers & stakeholders within the Territorial Cooperation Space. The project aims at convincing them of the high potential of articulating territorial cooperation projects with the elaboration & experimentation of efficient and innovative urban policies to deeply transform and adapt Mediterranean cities to the climatic, environmental and socio-economic challenges. URBAN EMPATHY will also promote a Med. sustainable urban model at European level and to ensure its consideration in the new programming period.

URBAN EMPATHY aims at consolidating a permanent structure bringing together projects, policy makers & stakeholders to share concrete results to improve the efficiency of sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean ensuring their consideration in the new programming period. This will ensure the long-term impact of the capitalized project's deliverables by the direct involvement of decision makers & key actors, facilitating the integration of these results in sustainable urban policies. The project will also aim to improve the coordination between the Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation programme and the regional operational programmes through the development of a set of propositions that focus on how to better promote the

implementation and development of Urban Sustainable Models, to be included in the next programming period calls. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project and the mainstreaming of the different results, URBAN EMPATHY will strengthen, enlarge and consolidate the existing Platform and Cluster for Sustainable Urban Models building a “Network of Networks” as an open multilevel capitalization space. This will promote the development of synergies between projects & partners helping them to disseminate & transfer their results towards the development of sustainable urban models.

Lead partner for URBAN EMPATHY is the Malaga City Council while other partners of the project are:

  1. French Agency for Mediterranean Sustainable Cities and Territories
  2. Government of Catalonia, Department of Territory and Sustainability, Housing Agency of Catalonia
  3. Municipality of Pisa
  4. Aristotele University of Thesaloniki - Special Acount for Research Funds
  5. Province of Lucca
  6. Jozef Stefan Institute
  7. Barcelona Urban Ecology Agency
  8. Municipality of Genoa
  9. Emilia Romagna Region- General Directorate for Programs and Agreements, European Relations and International Cooperation
  10. Nice Côte d'Azur Metropole
  11. City of Stuttgart
  12. and Regional Education and Information Centre for the Sustainable Development in S-E Europe

Project coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina is Vedad Suljić ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )